Come build the future with us. Literally.

At Cover we believe the environments we live in have the potential to enrich our daily lives. Cover’s mission is to make living in a thoughtfully designed and well-built home a reality for everyone. We are developing a turnkey solution for building homes that leverages the power of computational design and precision manufacturing to deliver homes of unprecedented quality.

We are looking for top talent from a range of disciplines to join us to build this future. At Cover we solve challenging problems through a synthesis of focused intensity and interdisciplinary innovation. Cover is a fast-paced environment where we challenge each other, adapt to changing roles as we grow, innovate, and create incredible experiences and products.

If our mission and approach resonates with you, we'd like to hear from you – even if there’s currently no role that matches your background and experience. Get in touch with us at [email protected]

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Play a pivotal role in transforming the quality of the spaces people live in, leveraging manufacturing, assembly, and design methods more commonly found in the automotive industry to improve Cover's building system and enable the creation of residential structures with unparalleled design, energy performance, build precision, and construction speed.


Work as part of a multidisciplinary team to develop Cover’s cutting edge building system, with a focus on the development of the system’s connections and assembly process.

Work closely with manufacturing engineers and architects to develop the manufacturing, transportation, and on-site assembly processes.


2 or more years of experience designing and engineering air/watertight connectors and details as well as structural systems (chassis/fuselage) in the automotive, rail, aerospace, or shipbuilding industries.

Experience in design for manufacturability and design for assembly of complex products, working on both product development and manufacturing throughout the product lifecycle.

Experience leading or playing a key role in the development and introduction of a new product.


Solid understanding of material properties including structural performance, durability, and corrosion resistance.

Proficiency in mechanical assembly (press fits, adhesive bonding, fastener selection).

Strong machining and fabrication skills with an exceptional attention to detail and an understanding of tolerances in manufacturing and assembly.

Knowledge of Catia, NX, Solidworks or equivalent CAD/CAE software. Familiar with FEA methods and tolerance stackups. Experience with VB, EKL, or C++ is a plus.

Excellent verbal, written, and visual communication.

Ability to solve challenging problems both independently and as part of a team in a fast paced hands-on environment.


Play a pivotal role in transforming the way homes are manufactured to a process that more closely resembles the automation and quality control found in automotive manufacturing. Lead Cover's manufacturing and assembly process design, and setup a new pilot production line with a capacity of producing 100 units per year.


Lead the development of Cover’s manufacturing process, working closely throughout the product development lifecycle with a multidisciplinary team of engineers, designers, and architects to design and implement product improvements that improve the manufacturability and quality of Cover's panelized building system.

Lead the setup and commissioning of Cover's pilot production facility; create detailed documentation of the manufacturing process, specify and source equipment, train technicians, and design and implement quality control processes.

Manage supplier and manufacturing partner relationships and logistics.


5 or more years of work experience in manufacturing, and an education in industrial or mechanical engineering.

Experience planning production, sourcing equipment, and commissioning a new manufacturing facility or manufacturing line for complex products (automotive, aerospace, rail, or shipbuilding experience preferred).

Experience designing and documenting new manufacturing and assembly processes.

Experience working closely with suppliers.


Proven ability to setup manufacturing for new products on demanding schedules.

Knowledge of flexible manufacturing methods.

Ability to analyze processes to identify bottlenecks and propose and implement improvements.

Excellent verbal, written, and visual communication.

Ability to solve challenging problems both independently and as part of a team.


Play a pivotal role in shaping the structure and connections of Cover's building system, creating and streamlining the design, engineering, permitting, and assembly process for the most precise, efficient, and high performance low-rise residential building system in the world.


Work as part of a multidisciplinary team of software developers, automotive engineers, architects, and designers to develop Cover’s structural panels to achieve large spans with thin profiles, and develop the panel-to-panel structural connections.

Work as part of Cover's building system team and with contractors to improve the speed and quality of Cover's on-site assembly process.

Work closely with Cover’s software team to streamline the workflow for generating permit and construction ready documents.


Structural engineering experience on innovative projects. Experience working with prefabricated building methods is a plus.

Experience working with light gauge steel construction is a plus.

Knowledgeable on California’s building codes. Experience working with multiple local jurisdictions to prepare and obtain building permits for new construction.


Solid understanding of material properties and basic machining and fabrication skills (welding, sawing, drilling, milling).

Strong analytical and creative thinking skills.

Ability to analyze processes to identify bottlenecks and propose and implement improvements (design workflows, permitting, foundation construction, assembly, etc.)

Ability to quickly learn new software tools. Experience using software such as Dynamo, Grasshopper, Catia, Solidworks, or Robot to evaluate structures and streamline design and engineering workflows.

Excellent verbal, written, and visual communication.

Ability to solve challenging problems both independently and as part of a team.


Must be a PE Licensed in California (Civil: Structural Depth Test).


Play a pivotal role in making high quality housing accessible to everyone by creating software that simplifies the process of designing, buying, and building custom homes.


You’ll work as part of a multi-disciplinary team of architects, designers, and engineers to develop robust web applications that are at the core of Cover’s process. You’ll be creating and improving backend tools that enhance our marketing, support, design, and manufacturing workflows, as well as apps that our clients use to configure, visualize, and understand their designs and Cover’s building process.

You will have a high amount of responsibility and autonomy, and will be expected to own and perfect all elements of new web features, from DB to UI.


3 or more years of end-to-end software development experience including deploying, scaling, and monitoring production-grade web applications. That being said, we’re especially excited about candidates with strong front end expertise.

Experience developing responsive web applications with cross-device functionality.

BS/MS in Computer Science or related field preferred.


An obsessive attention to detail.

Expert in Javascript (jQuery, React), HTML5, and CSS3.

Has shipped and scaled application infrastructures on AWS.

Proficiency in Python.

Experience delivering rich, interactive, 3D graphics in the browser is a plus.

Excellent verbal and written communication.

Ability to solve challenging problems both independently and as part of a team.