Cover takes the hassle out of building custom backyard studios using our versatile building system and design optimization software. No more coordination with architects, planning departments, and contractors.

We're currently delivering in Los Angeles City and taking reservations worldwide.




Every Cover Backyard Studio is uniquely tailored to your needs and property, so we'll work with you to design the perfect one. You'll receive a detailed design with complete pricing information.


We take care of everything: we'll design, permit, manufacture and install your custom backyard studio. You can sit back, relax and leave the heavy lifting to us.


We've cut out all the middlemen of traditional construction and work directly with the best suppliers. This results in the highest quality construction at an unmatched cost.


Our immersive visualizations will show you exactly what you’re getting before it's built. Your design also comes with a fixed cost upfront, there are no hidden charges or surprise fees.


The structure of your Cover Studio is made of light gauge steel that performs better than wood in the event of an earthquake or fire, and is not subject to mold, rotting, warping, or termites. The steel structure is encapsulated in our insulation, resulting in wall, floor, and ceiling panels that are highly energy efficient and provide unmatched thermal comfort.


Every component of your Cover studio serves a purpose, and the outlet faceplates no longer did. Their original purpose is to make power outlets serviceable from the front, something that our detachable interior wall finish panels do even better.

Integrated Storage

Your stuff shouldn't get in the way of your daily life, which is why Cover studios come with integrated storage that is designed around the main spaces and embedded into the walls. We precision fabricate these in-house, using the same combination of materials found in the rest of your unit along with soft-close hinges and drawer hardware.


We use zoning, sun-path, and geospatial data to computationally generate a tailored design for you in days, not weeks.

All essential data is gathered from your property in order to best inform your custom design because no two properties are the same.

Heating and Cooling

Your Cover studio is heated and cooled with high performance aluminum radiant panels that are embedded in the floor and ceiling. The high thermal conductivity of the aluminum guarantees even temperature distribution and keeps your backyard studio at the perfect temperature all year round. It delivers a quiet & dust free experience that operates at the highest efficiency.


From the insulated steel structure, to the ergonomically designed cabinet handles, we've sweated over all the details so you don't have to.

By manufacturing in a controlled factory environment, we're able to build with a level of precision that is simply impossible to achieve with traditional on-site construction.

Cover Backyard Studio - Tailored
It Pays For Itself

Cover Backyard studios can be a great way to add living space for you and your family, while adding value to your property. It can also be a great way to generate income from rent. Take a look at how quickly a Cover backyard studio can pay for itself.

$100k $200k
$1000 $10000
2 yr 6 mo